I have a creative streak that urges me to write stories and poetry, paint and create in general.  I have been designing jewelry for about ten years and have used it as an outlet to express myself when I could not find the words to express what I needed to convey.
I enjoy a variety of materials including vintage bits and pieces found here and there, new beads, clay and I am always looking at new thins to teach myself whether it be a new design, anew way to use a supply, tool or display.
At times, I have redesigned my own pieces that have been hanging around for a while so they have a fresh new look.  To ensure that I waste as little as possible, I save jewelers wire and reuse the good lengths or if I have cut a bit too much , I save the ends and use them for making earrings.
My overall philosophy on design is to create what feels good while utilizing what I have right in front of me.  If something is broken, take the broken pieces and make something new.

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